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                      Sifting Through Resumes Is Finally A Thing Of The past!

         Milwaukee Career Network IS Next Generation Candidate Sourcing!

Finally! A talent pool built for Milwaukee that IMMEDIATELY pinpoints the best candidates for positions!

If you need to find resumes or do ANY recruiting or hiring in the Milwaukee metro region, a subscription to the MCN is ESSENTIAL!  Not only are we building the largest OPEN recruiting network in Milwaukee, but we have built the most innovative recruiting system you have ever seen on the back end!

Find resumes? Forget scouring through endless unqualified applicants. The MCN system matches members automatically to your openings, and presents them in order of percent match to the criteria you seek. AND, no other system matches on 3 dimensions, including qualifications, preferences, AND personality traits!

The system pre-screens for you, and lets you then dive deeper to view member profiles. You can also perform quick searches or manual searches and see how well members match your openings at a glance. See personality snapshots, even Gap Analysis for each criteria!

With a subscription to the Milwaukee Career Network:

  • POST UNLIMITED JOBS that are XML fed to the Internet and job listing sites
  • When you post a job - no need to wait for responses -
    the system AUTMATICALLY shows you top matches!
  • Get unrestricted access to connect with members
  • Get superior web advertising for your company
  • Why wait for days then wade through hundreds of resumes? CONNECT TODAY!

 call (262) 658 1501 X 114 for a system tour and subscription info

You've just found your new talent network!

 The OPEN network that matches people to your jobs... 

Building a talent pipeline is more important than ever. With The Milwaukee Career Network, you can engage more talent, build better relationships, and find candidates who are a better match for your jobs (in seconds).

Recruit on Milwaukee Career Network with the Freshest Talent Pool!

See how our system matches candidates to your job

Post a Job For Free and get started today!

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