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Blue Skies Career Transition Counseling
Individual Services

Coaching for individuals in career transition (voluntary or non-voluntary)
She works with You! to obtain self-awareness of your own career and/or vocation, utilizing assessment tools, and career path processes to reach your goals!
Individual career coaching services include:
• Understanding the new conceptual age of work
• Future business trends and the effect on individual careers
• Wholistic Career and professional development
• How to find jobs in the new work world
• Career transitions and shift counseling
• Developing critical and creative thinking skills
• Avoiding “Crazy-Busy” time non-management
• What the $#*@!&? is corporate culture? And why should I care?
• Interpersonal and communication skills training
• Self-awareness of personal and career goals
• Skills & aptitude assessments
• Linking skills profiles
• Personal and career path goal setting
• Personal and career path action plans
• Facilitate implementation of goals and plans
• The value of networking
• How to network utilizing social media

Jayne Holland

Jayne is the Founder of Blue Skies Consulting. Specializing in observing emerging trends that affect the World of Work, she works with individuals and organizations to help guide and assist the development of new perspectives and awareness in problem-solving, creative thinking, organization change and customer relationship management, especially in their application in a Global Economy.

Working with individuals in career coaching and transition (voluntary or non-voluntary), her services include assisting in building self-awareness of personal and career goals, skills and aptitude assessments and linking those to skill profiles, personal and career path goal setting, and facilitating implementation of goals and plans.
Other state and federal consulting is conducted through alignment with The Milwaukee Futurist Alliance. Jayne is an Advisory Board member of this group as well.
As an Instructor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, she teaches classes in Future Global Trends that will affect the way both individuals and organizations think and perform work, and how individuals can “Re-Do” themselves to be able to remain relevant in current careers, industries and markets, or transition into other available or more fulfilling work opportunities. In addition to teaching, she works in the Career Transitions Center with adults who find themselves in career changes and transition. She is also a member of the Advisory Board for this university department.
Working on the Planning and Steering Committee, she also serves on the Advisory Board for JobCamp Milwaukee, an innovative group that presents participants with access to career education and coaching, networking and social media experts, financial advisers, continuing education and employer opportunities.
A business solutions expert for many years, her background includes the Staffing, Medical and IT Consulting Services industries, in the areas of Business Development, Solutions & Project Management, Major Account Management, and Personnel Development and Training.

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