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Silver Lake College
Silver Lake College

Silver Lake College is:
a dynamic learning community
that empowers students
through a quality liberal arts education
integrated with professional preparation
offered in an environment of mutual respect and concern for persons,
based on the principles and truths of Franciscan Catholic tradition.
To develop a community of life-long learners
To provide educational opportunities for professional preparation within a liberal arts experience
To prepare students for self-directed intellectual inquiry and aesthetic appreciation
To foster commitment to Christian values, service, and leadership in the world community

Diversity Statement
Silver Lake College believes diversity is integral to the educational and developmental experience of all learners. As a college community, we strive to be inclusive recognizing and valuing opportunities to integrate dimensions of diversity in broadening our interpretation and understanding of humanity. We respect and uphold the many facets of human identity in helping support and strengthen our college mission, vision and values.

Vision Statement
Silver Lake College, sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, is a community of life-long learners founded on the Catholic tradition.

The College community fosters an environment modeled on the ideals of Francis and Clare of Assisi, whose Gospel living and profound sense of faith illumine the entire world. Their wisdom nurtured in a climate of simplicity and poverty, joy and gratitude, finds expression in a Christian sense of community, compassion, peacemaking, and reverence for all creation.

In this Franciscan environment Silver Lake College offers students a share in the Christian cultural heritage of a liberal arts education. A foundation in the liberal arts provides avenues to search for truth, beauty, goodness, and meaning in life and to promote holistic development in order to empower students to actualize their God-given potential.

Silver Lake College assumes the responsibility to educate persons for Christian leadership and service. It provides graduate and undergraduate programs that afford students the opportunity to pursue their professions and challenge them to exercise responsible stewardship in the world.

Within the climate of its heritage, the Silver Lake College community strives to impact the formation and transformation of our world into a civilization of love by creating a faith environment, nurturing the insights into life gained in the liberal arts, and engendering a commitment of service to others.

Franciscan Values

Learning to Connect Mind & Spirit... the Franciscan Way
Each year the college community explores one of four fundamental Franciscan values: community, compassion, peacemaking, and reverence for creation. This academic year the primary focus is on peacemaking: right relationship with God, self, and others.

One way Francis and Clare tried to bring peace to the world was being in right relationship not only with God but with every human person as well as the created world. Throughout history, social injustice has fueled violence. Fear, insecurity, ignorance and the breakdown of communication are sources for non-peaceful stances. Facing these issues squarely, Francis and Clare responded in direct opposition embracing trust, dependency upon God, poverty, humility, compassion, forgiveness, selfless, service, and love.


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